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Sunday, July 15th 2012

3:22 AM

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Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 21:44:12 EST From: JRT131Naol.com Subject: Codename: Phoenix Chapter fourDisclaimer: This story is rated R, for langue, Mutant violence and cross-dressing mutants with a obsession for young blonde boys. I do not know any of the members of NSYNC or Backstreet Boys or 98 degrees or any other celebrities that I may use in the near future. And this story is not intended to imply anything about the sexuality of the members of the group 'N Sync, Backstreet sweet pre teenies boys, and 98 degrees. All X-Men material and references is a copyright of Marvel Studios and Comics Inc. They do not belong to me and all of it is merely from my mind.Rating: NC-17~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The X-men? As in comic book X-men?" asked Joey. Jean gave him a reassuring smile. "Kind of. The only thing is that, we' re the real deal." The real deal? They were freaking cartoon characters, they couldn't be real. Could they? Joey didn't know what to say. This was all too much. He had to seat down. "We realize that this must be a lot for all of you to model preteen bbs deal with, but don't worry, Professor Xavier will answer any question that preteen teenage boy you may want to ask." said Beast.They continued on in silence, afraid of what to say. They shouldn't have gone with them. For all they knew, they were crazy people with powers, who were going to skin them a live. But with what they saw to day, they didn't really have much of a choice. Hopeful this Xavier person would be able to help them.Justin laid JC' s head in his lap. virgins preteen models He hadn't woken yet and he preteen asia was a little worried. "Don't worry, he'll be fine." Justin looked up to see Jean standing in front of him. "How do you know?" he asked. "His will is strong and he isn't ready to leave you. He cares a great deal about you. But I'm sure you know that already." Justin nodded. It was good to hear something positive. It just seemed that the whole day went down the drain. "We are now arriving at the `Professor Xavier school for the gifted' please remain seated as we land." said Beast.Once The jet had landed they all filed out of the jet. Being met by a dark skinned woman, with white hair, dressed in a white dress with a brown belt around her waist. She walked to them."I'm glad you all were able to make it.""We had gotten there just in time." said Cyclops."That's good." she looked at the ten young men, who stood in front of her."So, these are the young men that the Professor was talking about?""Yes and just like Professor said Magneto was after them.""Well, I think it would be best if we got you all in side."They all followed the woman in side. This gave Justin the time to look around, nicely built. Brown walls, everything looked so nude ukranian preteens clean. It was nice. He stopped at a picture. It was of a young girl who seemed so sad and alone. "I see that you've taken a liking to model preteen small this painting." Justin turned to see the woman standing next to him. He cleared his voice. "Yeah, it's beautiful, but she looks so sad. Whose its suppose to be?" "No one really, its to represent how one feels in life. The loneliness and the sadness that we have to try to get through." "Wow, that was really lovely." "Thank you" "I'm Justin Timberlake, and you are?" "My name is Ororo Munroe, but most people call me Storm." " Why do they call you Storm?"She gave him a smile, put an arm around him and guided him toward the others. She said in a whisper only he could hear. " Isn't it obvious?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They all had made it to a wooden door. Jean open it. "Professor we've have the boys that you had talked about." A man in a some what large yellow wheelchair, wearing a blue suit, had turned around with a smile on his face. "Hello gentlemen, I've been excepting porn preteens bbs you."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You all call your self strong mutants?!? You couldn't even capture two teenage boys!" shouted Magneto. "Well if you don't mind me saying, but you didn't really do any better then us either." said Loki. Magneto looked at the youth. He had been getting on Magneto's bad side for the past few weeks. He pre teen sweetness was sort of a rebel, never did what he was told. And he got angry too quickly. He had never seen so much anger in a eighteen year old. "Don't you dare even try to make it seem like I wasn't doing my part." "I never said you didn't. I'm just saying it Anita cool how your placing the blame on us. And besides how were we suppose to know that the X-men would show up?" "And that's why you all still need to train." "We don't need a damn thing. We can handle them. There no problem." said Broc. "I certainly hope not." said Magneto. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Please, seat down won't you?" All the guys took available seats. Beast, Jean, Cyclops, and Storm all stood. "I know that you all have questions for me and I will answer them all in do time. But what we are here to talk about concerns those two young boys. Magneto has found them and now he wants them for he's own wrong doing." Nick and Justin both looked at each. Both not really understanding what it was that Professor Xavier was talking about. "I can tell by the looks that you have on your faces that you are utterly confuse by all that is happening to you today." said the Professor. They all shook there heads. Some saying "yeah". "For some time now, I too was confuse with what Magneto was up to. He hadn't been seen in months and for him to show up now is what baffles me." Kevin cleared his throat. "I may be of some help." The guys all looked at Kevin. "Magneto had shown up to the concert today, saying that he had finally found what he was looking for. That being Nick and Justin." " What the hell does he want Justin for!" said JC. He had finally preteen nude link woken up and had heard enough of the conversation. "He told me that Nick and Justin could destroy nation." "How?" asked Chris. "They're mutants also."Kevin looked at them, knowing that he was right. Nick and Justin both looked at each other. Then back at Kevin. Nick finally spoke up. "He's right. I would have said something before, but I was to freaked out. I didn't preteen candids bikini know what was happening to me. It scared me too much."He stopped, afraid to go on."Is this true?" asked Chris.Justin just simply nodded. Not really teenie preteen japanese looking at anyone."When were you gonna tell us, photo model preteen huh? Before or after we were going to be killed?"Justin snapped up and looked at Joey in shock. He couldn't believe the hatred that he saw in Joey's eyes."Joey..." Chris started to speak but was interrupted by Joey."How could you keep something like this from us? We're suppose to be brothers and you do this? You cost us our lives. Hell, JC could have been killed because of you!""Stop it.""Or is that what you wanted? To get ridded of JC, because you gave a shit about him!""Stop it." "That's enough Joey." said Chris. But Joey kept going."I bet. I bet that you probably wanted this to happen. preteen sex cream Maybe you talk with that guy and planed the whole thing!""Stop it.""Hell, your probably one of those crazed mutants terrorizing all those people!""Stop it.""Tell me Justin, when were you going to get ridded of us, huh? When our backs were turn? Then go after our parents? Then go to kill more people?""I SAID STOP IT!!!!!!" A loud crash of thunder shook the mansion. Clouds formed out side and lighten shot through the sky. A bolt came blasting through the Professor's offices. Everyone ducked for cover, not wanting to be hit. The wind picked up, forcing books, papers and other things to fly through the air, breaking against the walls of the office. "Storm?! What are you doing?!" cried out Jean. "Its not me. Its..." she stopped when she realizes. (Justin), he was doing this. She had never seen so much power from someone so strong. " Storm, tried to control the storm, I'll preteen sex cream calm Justin down!" said the Professor.Storm did what she was told and leapt up in the air. She floated above calming the storm a little.{Justin, Justin listen to me. This Professor Xavier, you must stop this.}Justin open his eyes revealing glowing blue eyes.{I can't, Joey had no right to say those things to me}{I understand that you are upset, but I know you don't want to hurt your friends now do you?}{No I love my friends}{Then stop this before something horrible happens}The storm stopped completely, Storm flew back in, just in time to catch Justin from falling to the ground. "What's wrong with him?" JC was by his side with in seconds. "Because a storms like that happen so quickly, it took a lot out of him. Justin alright, he'll just have to sleep it off. Beast can you put him in one of the rooms" "Of course, and if you want you can come too." he said to JC. JC didn't need to be asked twice he follow close behind but stopped to say something to Joey. "You had no right to say any of those things Justin, you better watch what you say about him or you'll have to see me pissed and believe me, you do not want to see that." With that JC left the room, leaving Joey stunned, but not really surprise by what JC said to him. He knew that he was way out of line, he didn't know where that had come models preteen russians from, he had never been that angry in his life. Lucky for him no one else said anything."I think it would be best if we all got a good nights rest, I would like to talk with Justin and Nick tomorrow morning. Everyone can now get some rest." said Professor Xavier.They all went to the rooms that they were assigned preteen tranny boys to. Today was long, and wild. What happen to day, Brian was at nerves. He needed a good nights sleep and all would be forgotten. But what he didn't know was that it was just beginning. TO BE CONTINUE....Sorry that I have updated in a while my computer went shift on me but its better now and I'm also almost finished with `Lovely temptation' If you have any question, or comment email me at _www.jrt131naol.com_ (http://www.jrt131naol.com) , until next time hugs and Kisses.
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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:00 AM

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